Phy 167: Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics and Mechanics

Credit Hours :3.00 (Level-1, Term-2, BME)


Electricity and magnetism: Coulomb's Law, Electric field, Electric flux, Gauss's Law and its application, Electric potential, Electric potential energy, Equipotential surfaces, Capacitors and capacitance, Dielectrics, Charging and discharging of a capacitor, Current and Current density, Ohm's Law, Resistivity and Conductivity, Kirchoff's Law, Magnetic field, Magnetic induction, Magnetic force on a current carrying conductor, Torque on a current carrying loop, Hall effect, Faradays Law of electromagnetic induction, Lenz's Law, Self induction, Mutual induction, RC and LC circuit.


Modern Physics : Galilean relativity and Einstein's special theory of relativity; Lorentz transformation equations, Length contraction, Time dilation and mass-energy relation, Photoelectric effect, Compton effect, de Broglie matter waves and its success in explaining Bohr's theory, Pauli's exclusion principle, X-ray production and application , Laser production and application, Constituent of nucleus, Nuclear binding energy, Different types of radioactivity, Radioactive decay Law, Radiation dose, Nuclear reactions, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion, Nuclear power plant.


Mechanics: Linear momentum of a system of particles, Conservation of linear momentum, Elastic and inelastic collisions, Angular Kinematics, Torque, Rigid Bodies, Moment of Inertia, Angular momentum of a system of particles, Conservation of angular momentum, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, pressure, measuring pressure, Pascalís & Einsteinís principle of fluid pressure, viscosity, laminar flow, turbulence, equation of continuity, Bernoulliís equation, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Wave function, Uncertainity principle, Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger time independent equation, Expectation value, Probability, Particle in a zero potential, Calculation of energy.