Faculty Members

The Department of Physics is a centre of excellence with a group of highly skilled and learned faculty members with professional experiences. They are committed to teaching and innovative research. Adequate laboratory facilities in the fields of Magnetism, Solid State Physics, Crystal Growth, Polymer Physics, Health Physics, Medical Physics & Radiation Protection and Atmospheric Physics are available to supplement the theoretical knowledge and to provide experimental basis.



Field of Research


Dr. Md. Abu Hashan Bhuiyan

Polymer Physics and Composite Materials


Dr. Jiban Podder Crystal growth, NLO crystals, Semiconductor thin films and solar cells jpodder@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Md. Feroz Alam Khan Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials fakhan@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. A. K. M. Akther Hossain Multiferroics, Ferrites, and Colossal Magnetoresistance akmhossain@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Md. Mostak Hossain Crystal growth processes mostakh@hotmail.com
Dr. Afia Begum Medical Physics apelie@phy.buet.ac.bd
Fahima Khanam Atmospheric Physics runu@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Md. Forhad Mina Polymer Physics (Polymer Crystallization, Blends & Composites) mfmina@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Md. Rafi Uddin Mesoscale Meteorology, Radar Meteorology, Monsoon Meteorology, Mesoscale Modeling & Simulation and Climate Change rafiuddin@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Nasreen Akter Monsoon, Tropical Cyclone, Mesoscale Meteorology and Numerical Modeling nasreenakter@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Basith

Multiferroics (Bulk and Nano), Manganites nanoparticles, Micromagnetics simulation of magnetic nanowires.


Associate Professors

Dr. Mohammad Abu Sayem Karal Biophysics, Biomedical Physics and Health Physics asayem221@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Mohammad Jellur Rahman Carbon Nanomaterials, Polymer Nanocomposites, Plasma Science and Ceramic Materials mjrahman@phy.buet.ac.bd

Assistant Professors

Dr. Muhammad Samir Ullah Condensed Matter Physics samirullah@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Mohammad Khurshed Alam Electronic, magnetic and structural properties of magnetic materials khurshedphy@phy.buet.ac.bd
Md. Azizar Rahman Semiconductor thin films, ferrites and magnetoelectric property of particulate & laminate composites azizar@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Muhammad Rakibul Islam Thin Films (Sensors and Solar Cell), Nanostructured Materials, Nanotechnology rakibul@phy.buet.ac.bd
Mehnaz Sharmin Semiconducting thin film mehnaz@phy.buet.ac.bd
A.T.M. Shafiul Azam Atmospheric Physics atmshafi@phy.buet.ac.bd
Dr. Parvin Sultana Optoelectronics and Nanostructured Science psmony@phy.buet.ac.bd
Md. Mehdi Masud Space Plasma Physics and Polymer Physics msakib@phy.buet.ac.bd


Retired Professors

List of Retired Professors

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